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Footprints on Sand

God is on the move!

"Becky is a born instructor and guide and Leigh Anne has a special ability to love and encourage.  They make you feel confident that they have something big backing them, and they do, it is God."

"At PPH ​you experience God's love and forgiveness.  You learn God's word and grown."

Note from Melani, March 2024

"This is just a note saying how much Papa's House has helped me.  I have been a resident since November 2023 and remarkable things have happened during my stay.  Things I could not have done without the help and support I received from the women at PPH.  

This is a great chance to rebuild my life and when it is time for me to move on, I know that the next women will get the love and support I have been given.

Prayers answered!"  

Note from Lectie

"I started out at Papa's House 3 years ago.  Prior to that I was in prison.  I was broken, more broken than I had ever been. It felt like I was broken into a million pieces.  I did not know which piece to start working on until I was released to Papa's House. 

Walking through the doors of PPH was like walking into the arms of Jesus.  Because of the support of the women and the love of God that I am not homeless today.  I am not using today and I am alive.  

I am so grateful that God made Papa's House."

March 2024

Note from Maudia, March 2024

I am so very thankful and grateful that God led me to HIS house! It brought me out of the fire and turmoil I was in and gave me the mindset and distance I needed to start my healing and to renew and strengthen my relationship with God.


I have only gone forward from the day I said yes to Gods plan for me to be a part of Papa’s House. These girls have obeyed God and his will and plan for them and I love all of them and pray that God will bless HIS home. I pray He continues to bless Papa’s House and all that are chosen to live that experience. Through Christ all things are possible, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I was a stranger and you gave me a home and fed me and loved me as Christ does. His blessings are upon you and Papa’s House. Continue to love  and let Jesus’ Holy Spirit reach others through you. For he has called you to do so and he will always provide. Thank you and praise to our Father.

Meet Joyce, December 2023

"I started my recovery in 2021 and moved into Papa's House on February 14th, 2022.  If it wasn't for God working in my life, and help from the PPH community, I would be back on the streets and back on drugs.

Papa's House is my new family!  They made me feel safe and secure and I was able to overcome tremendous problems.  They helped me work through a lot of struggles.  Through all the ups and downs, they always supported me and were always right by my side."

Meet Christy, December 2022


"With their help, I was able to get a full-time job, save to buy a car and get sober.  I am still sober and reunited with my family and today I am closer-than-ever to my Lord and Savior.


​I'll always be thankful for PPH, the community, volunteers and board members who changed my life.  I cannot repay them, but I know what they would say, 'just go out and show others the love of Jesus'."

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