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Our Mission

Papa's House

founded in grace and unconditional love

exists to provide a safe community

where healing can take place.

Meet the Board Members

Our team is seeking to answer a call from God to share the unfailing love of Jesus Christ, by serving women at Papas House.

We have been richly blessed over the years with opportunities to work with women on mission trips- in several parts of the world, work and live in transitional housing, and teach and lead Bible studies, prayer groups and healing groups.  And now we are very grateful to serve women at PPH.  

Below are quick introductions.  Let us know if you have any questions or comments, or would like to hear about our personal journeys to faith in Jesus Christ. We'd love to connect with you!


Becky Fish, Founder and President

Having an abundance of life experiences, Becky brings wisdom and deep insight to PPH.  If you need someone, she will be there for you and she is a good listener.

She is the mother of two sons and two daughters.  She has six grandchildren, three great grandchildren and several 'adopted' daughters.  She is very proud of each one of them.  

She likes to play board and card games, go camping and take road trips to explore new places.  She enjoys getting to know women from different backgrounds and loves to hear people tell their stories. 

Becky lives at PPH and as a prayer warrior, prays for everyone who comes through the doors. She says her heart overflows with joy and thanksgiving when she sees God touch every part of a women's life and then uses it all for his glory.  She prays for many, then gives it over to God to do what he does best; restore, redeem and renew.   

You can get in touch with Becky here.


Leigh Ann Miller

Leigh Ann also lives at PPH.  She was born and raised in Louisiana, where her family still live.  She is grateful for her dear local friends who have become her 'Indiana family'.  

She cares deeply for the PPH family and volunteers.  She is a good listener and encourager and is always ready to walk alongside and support women while they go through their recovery process. 

She loves to try new things and is always up for a road trip.  She enjoys walking, playing board games & cards, watching “The Chosen”, listening to music and hanging out with friends.

Leigh Ann is the youngest board member and it is a joy to work with her.  She prays that those involved with PPH will hear and trust God’s truths, release shame, and know who they are in Christ.  She prays women will feel heard, accepted and loved.

You can connect with Leigh Ann here.


Cheri Ritz

Cheri is another prayer warrior and enjoys spending one-on-one time with the women, encouraging them in their growth in the Lord. She likes to correspond with women who may be future PPH family members.  You may see her kind, friendly face at Madison Park Church of God where she is a greeter.  She volunteers at school and enjoys reading and crossword puzzles.

She and her husband, Greg, both retired teachers, have been married forty-three years. They have two sons and two beautiful granddaughters and are very thankful to have their family close by, in the Pendleton area.  They enjoy vacations, where they can boat and relax with family and friends.

Cheri's prayer and dream is to see the message of Papa's house reach many women throughout the country.  She prays that women, who find transformation and healing in the name and power of Jesus Christ, would then go out and share the love of Jesus with others.  So the legacy of PPH and the healing power of Jesus would reach many women.

Connect with Cheri here.


Connie Clark

Connie is recently retired from a job she enjoyed for many years at a behavior health clinic. She and her husband Bud have been married more than thirty-three years and enjoy spending their time with their three married children and five grandchildren, who are all in college.  Along with spending time with friends and family, Connie enjoys baking, antiquing and gardening.

We can always count on kind, gentle Connie to help with community events and outreach activities.  She enjoys helping others and promoting awareness of PPH in the community.  She says helping people and watching them heal in faith in God is extremely rewarding.

Connie serves at PPH because she wants to connect to women and to share the love of Jesus with as many women as possible. 

You can email Connie here.


Liz Riback

Liz grew up in Michigan and moved to Oregon in her early twenty's.  Although many miles between them, she remains close to her five siblings who live in Michigan and Indiana. Becky is her second sisters. Liz has two sons, two daughter-in-laws and two amazing grandchildren, each one a gift from God.

She enjoys walking, biking, cross-country skiing, and spending time with friends. She likes to paint and take photographs and is always ready to share photos of her family and beautiful Oregon landscapes.

Liz recently married David and they are happily building their new lives together. They are involved with their community and Rolling Hills Community Church. 

Liz works on our web site and helps PPH however she can from a distance. She prays that PPH will be a safe haven for women who are going through difficult times and that women will find hope and healing from our God, whose love is truly life transforming.

You can connect with Liz here.


Stay tuned for an intro to our newest board member, Cheryl Shank.

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