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John's Journey for PPH

The excitement is growing!

John Dietrick is in serious training for a 104-mile trek in upper Michigan, beginning October 1, 2023.  His goal is to overcome all the obstacles in front of him, to walk from east of Grand Marais to east of Tahquamenon Falls.  His purpose is to gain awareness and support for Papa's House.

Why is John taking on this arduous challenge for PPH?

Support Team Members are needed!




Thank you! Thank you! Thank you John!

Read below for a story of God's love & protection.

John on trail

A Note From John (The Backstory)

"My sister Becky has climbed many difficult hills in her lifetime. Starting with a dysfunctional family life and an abusive father (and it went downhill from there) but she survived.  Becky has devoted her life to helping women who are trying to climb out of their own valleys and reach the hilltops where they can see a new life in front of them.  

Three years ago, Becky founded an organization called Papa's House, a safe home where women live and recover from the harshness of life.  It's a place where women are supported and mentored while they heal and get their lives in order.  There is currently one PPH, but God is on the move to open a second house where more women can heal. 

Six years ago, Becky took time out of her life, to help me through a life-changing trauma.  Now it is my turn to pay her back.  I am 76 years old, and had open heart surgery not long ago, but I am attempting to walk this 104-mile hike to support Papa’s House and the women who live there.

If you are moved to contribute either monetarily or by being a part of this adventure with me, I thank you and welcome you gratefully!"

Now you know the why.

Please keep reading for the rest of the story.  

Using his strength, interest and talent for hiking trails, John is pushing his body because he believes that Papa's House is making a difference in women's lives. 

Please be a Support Team Member by sponsoring John, and his 104-mile walk of gratitude, by giving support to Papa's House.

The goal is 104 supporters who will give $104. 
And 52 friends who will give $52 or any amount.

Please keep reading!

Tahq Falls - final destination.jpg

Papa's House is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and relies solely on the generosity and support of individuals, churches and foundations.  Whatever amount you can give please know that 100% of your donation will go to PPH.


You can make a difference!  

​To sponsor John, please use the QR Code or link here. 

QR code Johns Walk.png

Connect With Us   

A bunch of us are meeting John to walk with him for a day. Come to the North Country Trail and be part of the Support Team!  Meet Amazing Ange, John's trek-support person. Bring them a meal, warm socks, and a kind word. Here's the 9-day schedule.

We'd love to hear from you! 

Contact PPH,  email John or email Ange.  John and Ange's phone # is 989-304-1795. 

Note from John and Ange: "We reserve the right to stop, rest, or re-schedule if John's age adds up faster than the mileage or if the thermometer drops to below -10 degrees."

Please pray with us for John's health & safety.  

Checkout the newspapers articles about John's Journey.  Lakeview Area News and Daily Greenville News

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