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What's Papa's House All About

It is about the life-transforming 
power of Jesus Christ!

At Papa’s House women learn to see themselves as God sees them, fully accepted and completely loved.  With courage, dedication and with consistent support  women who live at Papa's House are challenged to work through difficult issues, false beliefs and destructive cycles.

We support this journey with prayer, a personalized action plan, a strong community network, volunteer support and generous donations. 

With patience and with God as the Comforter and the Healer transformation happens.

As women gain life skills and practical tools, they learn to live freely and confidently and can then share their joy and hope and the love of Jesus Christ with others.

Papa's House is not an emergency shelter or  rehab and it is not traditional transitional housing.  Papa's House is unique because it is about family and God's grace, mercy and unconditional love.

Papa's House is in Summitville, Indiana. 

Residents will stay from six months to two years depending on the need. 

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