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Our Mission

Papa's House

founded in grace and unconditional love

exists to provide a safe community

where healing can take place.

A Little About the
PPH Board


We are women seeking to answer a call from God to share the unfailing love of Jesus Christ by serving women at Papa's House.

We have been richly blessed with several opportunities to serve and work with women: on mission fields in several parts of the world, transitional housing, teaching and leading Bible studies, prayer groups and healing groups.  Now we are honored to serve women at Papa's House, a ministry that offers women a safe place to heal. 

The first board meeting was May 2, 2020, we meet the second Saturday of each month, and  have communication throughout most weeks. 

Becky Fish, Founder and President

Cherie Ritz 

Cheryl Shank

Connie Clark 

Leigh Anne Miller

Liz Powell

Becky and Leigh Anne are residents at Papa's House. They are there to love, encourage and support the ladies through their healing journeys.  

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